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https://www.etsy.com/listing/185808121/ouchless-elven-ear-wrap-in-copper-gold?ref=listing-0Hello World! Beyond the Looking Glass would like to announce that their Simple Ouchless Elven Ear Wraps are ON SALE for just $10 per pair!!! Only until June 30th however, so if you want them at this price, you’ve got to get them NOW! Also, the owner says if anyone buys 4 or more sets, she will imediatly refund them the cost of shipping! :D They come in Silver, Gold, Copper, and Black!




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www.alyssblack.com Our Most Recent Designs available in the Shop! Most of which can be ordered in your own custom colors!!! :D From Fantastic Fae to Tiny Tiny Dragons!All designs are handcrafted with super lightweight enameled aluminum wire, making them soooooo super comfortable that they can be worn for not hours, but for days on end! DAYS I TELL YOU!!!

Still wearing mine.

Going on 4 days.


So comfy.


www.alyssblack.comBeyond the Looking Glass

Our Newest Designs! Two stunning New Ouchless Elven Ear Wraps

No Piercings Needed, Ouchless to wear!




Find them at: www.alyssblack.com

whatsundead I thought, given your prior repost about how uncomfortable my ear wraps must be, that this may interest you… as your comments are part of what inspired me to completely remake the ear wrap support structure. Please Read the post.

Ouchless Elven Ear Wraps, My GREATEST Creation!!!!

***Ouchless Ear Wraps were designed as a comfortable alternative to Traditional Ear Wraps for long term wear, such as daily wear. Please read the two sections below to learn how this new design is different from traditional ear wraps.

-Traditional Ear Wraps secure around the back of the ear with a single wire that joins the wrap at the top of the ear and holds onto the lobe of the ear with a single swirl. This single wire method of securing can cause major soreness behind and at the top of the ear after just one hour of normal wear, as well as making the Ear Wrap HIGHLY unstable, causing it to change position or warp if you so much as turn your head too fast. Or they can simply bend under their own weight.

-MY NEW DESIGN, (the one pictured) the Ouchless Ear Wraps, hold onto the rim of the ear with three separate points of contact, evenly distributing the weight around the ear and GREATLY reducing the development of sore spots. This new design is also not only more secure and stable than their traditional counter parts, but also easier to put on and remove, without becoming loose!

Great Find on Etsy by Alyss Black at Beyond the Looking Glass


These are TOTALLY cute, and I already got myself 3 pairs! (One each of silver, gold, and copper! ^_^ ) These ears really CAN be worn for ages without being noticeably uncomfortable, I forgot I had a pair on and hopped in the shower and didn’t notice them until I went to wash my hair! :D That’s just how comfy they are!

Description as by Seller:

"No Piercings Needed, Excellent For SUPER Sensitive Ears.

This Listing is for one PAIR of our Ouchless Elven Ear Cuffs in Bright Copper, Silver Tone, or Gold Tone,.

These Elven Ear Cuffs have been specially designed to hold onto your ear without the use of a behind-the-ear wire OR pinching clips! Normal Ear Wraps that give the ear the effect of looking pointed (hence the “Elven”) are secured with a behind-the-ear wire, will begin to pinch after some time, no matter how light they are. They also cannot be worn with the hair down, and can fall off VERY easily, or become disfigured if anything catches on them, which can be quite painful to the ears of the person wearing them

These Ear cuffs are next to weightless, and can be worn for FAR LONGER than other Ear Wraps that create a similar visual effect! Given the three point contact method of securing around the rim of the ear, these cuffs may also be worn with hair that is up or down! This statement does exclude hair that has been rolled into dread-locks. Sorry about that. It also takes much more pressure and force to permanently deform these cuffs, so all and all these cuffs are more lightweight, comfortable, secure and durable than Ear Cuffs that secure with a Behind-the-ear wire.”

Another GREAT find from HappyCabbage!


Description as by Seller:

"Fashioned with a fabric made to look like worn leather with golden toned front and back panels. The front busk has fabric and button details much like seen on vintage and antique uniforms for ringmasters, marching bands and even military. The top edge is finished with a gold fringe. Boned with 14 1/4" spiral steel, and a 1/2" busk. Measures, top to bottom, 11.25" at the front, 11.5" at the back. When laced TIGHTLY she measures 20" waist, 28" at the hips and 26" under bust. Can be worn with gap in the back as photo shows to accommodate 3" larger. Comes pre-laced with a pair of brown ribbon laces, ready for you to put on!"

Love this one, but alas, once again, not my size… TT-TT

Great Etsy find! Beautiful Corset by HappyCabbage.


Description as by seller:
"This corset was handmade with a high quality vinyl faux leather and lined with a bright pink fabric with tiny white polka dots. On the outside there is more pink stitching and some decorative flossing in a matching pink. Boned with 14 1/4" spiral steel, and a 1/2" busk. Measures 11.25" at the front, 12" at the back, 28" under bust, 22" waist, and 30" at the hips. Comes pre-laced with a pair of black laces, ready for you to put on! Only worn for photos."

If it was in my size I would have bought this one by now, just beautiful….

Found on Etsy


Description as written by the seller:

"This headpiece is made with genuine buffalo horns, the highest quality faux fur in feathered style, real dyed feathers and quality metal accents. This headdress is a one of a kind piece, the weathered buffalo horns measure at around 11 inches long. The width across is 14 inches long. It has two hair combs underneath, one under each horn so it remains securely fastened on the head. A thick elastic band holds the whole piece onto your head on the nape of the neck, typically underneath hair. Be forewarned before purchasing this piece, it’s heavy for something that goes on the head. If I had to guess it’s a little under two pounds due to the weight of the buffalo horns. It is a well balanced piece that sits perfectly on the top of the head."

If I had the money, I would TOTALLY have bought this one already! :D